About Us

  • STEM-Ed is a social enterprise instituted in 2014 to develop the abilities of students and young people to create workable solutions to local and global problems with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics concepts.
  • STEM-Ed is poised to provide young people with the opportunities to become drivers of emerging industrial revolutions in Nigeria and Africa.


  •  A technologically advanced Africa which owes its socio-economic prosperity to STEM Education.


  • To develop and deliver products and services that inspire easy learning and application of STEM in solving local and global problems.

           Our Mantra

  • SEE the Need
  • TASK the Mind
  • ENGAGE the Hands
  • MAKE a Way

    Meet the Team


The project based approach of STEM-Ed gives students the chance to apply what they know, identify a problem, find a unique solution and lead their own learning, rather than be passive recipients of information in a question-and-answer, right-or-wrong learning environment. When students understand how their education is relevant to their lives and future careers, learning becomes fun for them.

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"The Innovation Garage"
1, Oladehinde Street,
Off Apata Street,Palmgrove Bus Stop,
Shomolu, Lagos, Nigeria
P: +2347081541910, +2347030774944
Email: info@stem-ed.com.ng