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Bridging the divide between theoretical STEM knowledge and practical application

STEM-Ed is a social enterprise instituted in 2014 to develop the abilities of students and young people to create workable solutions to local and global problems with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics concepts


The vision of STEM-Ed Africa is a technologically advanced Africa which owes its socioeconomic prosperity to STEM Education.


The mission of STEM-Ed is to develop and deliver products and services that inspire easy learning and application of STEM in solving local and global problems.

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Address: 8 Araromi Street, Alasia-Ijanikin, Lagos

Phone: +2347030774944; +2347081541910
Business Hours: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Monday through Friday
Weekends Closed

    Meet the Team

We like to think of ourselves as a group of visionary, dynamic, iconoclasts challenging the status quo

Peter Oladipupo

A 2016 Mandela Washington Fellow

Viyon Dansu

STEM Education Thought Leader

Moses Olayemi

Engineering Education Exponent